How we work

We help CEOs and their teams that are pursuing their next stage of growth, transitioning to the next generation, and/or looking to maximize value creation within the M&A lifecycle.

What we look for
  • Size businesses with $50-250M in revenue, with an aspiration of $1B+ in enterprise value.
  • Lifecycle – businesses in need of reinvention and/or high growth potential businesses that need to scale.
  • Focus – driving the next stage of earnings or growth, transitioning to the next generation, and/or maximizing value creation within the M&A lifecycle.
  • Purpose – in the aspiration, where there is passion and higher meaning.
  • Respect – for the decision maker(s), where the CEO is ready to take decisive action.
  • Belief – that there is 5-10x impact potential, where our approach can make a difference, starting with immediate wins.
Fundamentals of our approach
  • Focus on what matters – We partner with CEOs to maximize Enterprise Value and build Enterprise Momentum. The factors that drive Enterprise Value and Momentum are known; and should be transparent and used to inform strategy.
  • Use known approaches – We focus the CEO, align the organization, improve daily execution, reset performance expectations, build new capabilities, and engage each team member fully. These approaches aren’t rocket science but require judgement in their application.
  • Control the controllables – We use a standard process, working cadence, and set of partnership commitments to maximize time spent in places that make a difference. We reassess and adjust, building trust, capabilities, and confidence every quarter.
primary focus areas
  • Equip the CEO to pursue their full potential – unlock the passion and aspirations of the CEO, focused on ‘what only the CEO can do’.
  • Align the organization (strategy deployment) – strengthen your position and navigate disruptions within the industry, allocate resources for growth, and drive clarity in goals and plans.
  • Improve daily execution (operating systems) – build standards, problem solving, and working cadences to improve.
  • Reset performance expectations (talent systems) – build quality into the people equation through structure and roles, development, and incentives.
  • Build new capabilities – drive to full potential in critical cultural, execution, communications, functional, and cross-functional capabilities.
  • Engage every team member fully – unlock the passion, aspirations, and growth of each team member.