How we work

We help entrepreneurs at inflection points - to prepare for an exit, transition to the next generation, or drive their next stage of growth. We work across 3 phases, conducting a comprehensive assessment, creating a plan, and executing toward an aspirational future state.

our approach
  • Phase 1. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s health across 4 areas: strategic, financial, operational and people. We align on an aspirational future state.
  • Phase 2. We work with the leadership team to create a plan. We use full performance transparency to launch quick wins, restructure teams, adjust operating toolkits and update performance and incentive plans to support.
  • Phase 3. We begin to execute toward the aspirational future state, tackling more structural and underlying issues, building deeper capabilities, and refining strategic clarity every quarter.
primary focus areas
  • Strategy: Building strategy deployment as a core competency. Defining where to play, how to win, and what to do.
  • Way of operating: evolving the way the place is run. Daily, weekly, and monthly routines with transparency into performance, speed and rigor in execution.
  • Leadership capacity: building leadership capacity with an emphasis on the role of the leader, behaviors, individual and team performance, and reinforcing with incentives.
  • Workforce capabilities: building skills across your entire workforce in the areas needed most through standards, coaching, and upskilling.
ways we tailor our approach
  • Entrepreneur objectives: e.g., prepare for exit, transition to the next generation, evolve to the next stage of growth
  • Entrepreneur outcomes: e.g., growth, earnings, sustainable capabilities
  • Business size: <$20M in revenue, $20-100M in revenue, $100-300M+ in revenue
  • Business stage: e.g., startup, growth, maturity, stress, distress
  • Sector: e.g., services, retail, trade, automotive, construction, technology, healthcare
  • Role in the value chain: e.g., distributor, manufacturer, services provider