How we work

We help CEOs and executive teams that are pursuing their next stage of growth, transitioning to the next generation, and/or looking to maximize value creation within the M&A lifecycle.

What we look for
  • Desire for above-market earnings and growth.
  • Belief in 5-10x impact potential.
  • Need to professionalize, transition, or prepare for exit.
  • Respect for partnerships with aligned incentives.
  • Willingness to learn and evolve.
What we offer
  • Unequivocal legacy and human capital focus.
  • Precision on where to focus and what to do.
  • Step-change improvement in team capabilities and how the business runs.
  • Rapid bottom-line impact.
how we are paid
  • Paid when we have impact.
  • Flexible, with fees tied to outcomes (e.g., EBITDA, growth, value appreciation).
  • 5-10x return on investment for the value we create together.
How we work
  • Visibility into performance – clarity on future aspirations; growth, earnings, and business quality objectives and transparency.
  • Business foundations – strategic clarity, financial rigor, operational discipline, human capital potential.
  • Standard ways of working – 3-step consideration process; 2-3 month acceleration phase; standard working cadences and partnership commitments.
  • Complimentary strengths – independent challengers; operators and capability builders; problem solvers and integrators; world-class expert network.
primary focus areas
  • Equip the CEO to pursue their full potential – unlock the passion and aspirations of the CEO, focused on ‘what only the CEO can do’.
  • Align the organization (strategy deployment) – strengthen your position and navigate disruptions within the industry, allocate resources for growth, and drive clarity in goals and plans.
  • Improve daily execution (operating systems) – build standards, problem solving, and working cadences to improve.
  • Reset performance expectations (talent systems) – build quality into the people equation through structure and roles, development, and incentives.
  • Build new capabilities – drive to full potential in critical cultural, execution, communications, functional, and cross-functional capabilities.
  • Engage every team member fully – unlock the passion, aspirations, and growth of each team member.