What's your kickpoint?

We partner with businesses $50M-$250M in revenue to drive the next stage of growth. We leverage a world-class operational excellence toolkit, working alongside entrepreneurs to solve the most challenging problems, run organizations better, and build team capacity and capabilities for the future.

why kickpoint?
  • Sustainable value creation. Our team has a proven track record of delivering sustainable growth and EBITDA with the world’s leading organizations.
  • Business owner retains equity. We tie our fees to growth and EBITDA.
  • Proven playbook for speed and scale. We use a targeted, sector agnostic playbook.
  • Strategic clarity. We build and use a “balcony view” of the business with full strategic, financial, operational, and people transparency.
  • Targeted support. We tackle the most challenging problems, including all things people and technology, evolving how the place runs.
  • Capability emphasis. We are embedded in the organization and operate as one team, building capabilities for the long term.
  • Immediate impact. We get to impact in weeks, not years. We drive bottom line improvement quickly.
how we work

We help entrepreneurs at inflection points

We work with business owners and teams to prepare for an exit, transition to the next generation, or drive their next stage of growth. We work across 3 phases, conducting a comprehensive assessment, creating a plan, and executing toward an aspirational future state.

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who we are

Michigan-centric middle market advisory services firm

We are focused on bringing incremental GDP growth to Michigan. We bring decades of world-class transformation and operational excellence experience; and a proven value creation track record from the world's best advisory firms.

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partner with us

Entrepreneurs, team members, and partners

We partner with companies $20M - $250M in revenue in tradable sectors. We take on limited new business partnerships each year. We hire, develop, and help place top talent; and partner with other firms to serve entrepreneurs. We look forward to exploring how to partner with you.

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What's a kickpoint?

Kickpoint: where a hockey stick bends most, bringing power to impact

The kickpoint influences the direction and speed of the puck. Athletes get better outcomes as they understand, use, and improve their kickpoint. We help entrepreneurs do the same.