What's your kickpoint?

We help middle market businesses get ready for scale or sale.

What we do
  • Kickpoint Ventures is an acceleration firm that partners with middle market Family, Founder, and PE-owned businesses in B2B services, distribution, and manufacturing. Our value creation toolkit is applied to accelerate earnings and growth; and build quality into how the business is run.

    We work alongside CEOs and executive teams in businesses with $3-250M revenue, partnering in advisory, operating, and investor roles. We have led 50+ transformations within the Fortune 1000 and have acted as operators in leading middle market businesses.

    We’ve proven both scale and sale require foundational strength in four areas: strategic clarity, financial rigor, operational discipline, and human capital potential. We immerse ourselves in the business and evaluate performance bottom-up, then work with CEOs and executive teams to evolve the mindsets, behaviors, and operating systems required for success.
who we partner with
  • Location Michigan; other Midwest states.
  • Revenue range – $3-40MM - Acceleration and Board focus; $40-250MM - Partnership potential.
  • Business focus – B2B distribution, manufacturing or services; select B2C businesses.
  • Industries – Manufacturing/supply chain - e.g., automotive, engineering, healthcare, industrials, transportation, warehousing, wholesale; Services - e.g., automotive, construction, environmental, facilities, healthcare, human resources, technology.
  • Ownership – Founder, family, or private equity owned; independently sponsored; select venture capital backed.
  • Business needs – Turnaround or reinvention; earnings stabilization and growth; growth and scale acceleration.
how we work

We help middle market CEOs and executive teams at inflection points

We work with CEOs pursuing their next stage of growth, transitioning to the next generation, and/or looking to maximize value creation within the M&A lifecycle.

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who we are

Michigan and Midwest centric middle market acceleration firm

We are focused on bringing incremental GDP growth to the Midwest, starting in Michigan. We bring decades of world-class experience in commercial, operational, and execution excellence; and a proven value creation track record from the world's best advisory firms.

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partner with us

CEOs, team members, and partners

We partner with businesses that have $3-250M in revenue. We look for purpose in the aspiration, respect for decision makers, and belief that our approach can make a difference on the path to 5-10x impact.

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What's a kickpoint?

Kickpoint: where a hockey stick bends most, bringing power to impact

The kickpoint influences the direction and speed of the puck. Athletes get better outcomes as they understand, use, and adjust their kickpoint. We help CEOs do the same.